Newsletter directories, subscriber import integrations, and you

Updates from last week:

Some background explanation on that "approved or hidden" thing: we try to filter out emails that shouldn't be forwarded to our subscribers (for example: welcome emails, paywalled posts, Substack's "This person recommended that person" emails, and promotional emailswe only want to forward emails that work as an introduction to your newsletter for people who aren't already subscribers). For a long time I did this manually once per day by skimming over the subject lines for all emails we received that day. Two or three weeks ago I finally got around to automating this. We use some simple rules which should catch most things. It's kind of like a spam filter. And like a spam filter, it won't catch everything! So if you send out a post that you don't want to get forwarded to people on The Sample, I'd recommend that you go to the Posts page on the publisher console and click "hide."

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